Enter the day of giveaways at House of Shine

My good friends at Highlowaha.com have completed their website reinvention.

Welcome to the House of Shine (www.houseofshine.com).

Today, Claudia, Heather and Cheryl are offering up 18 gifts throughout the day today to celebrate their third year anniversary.

Check out what they're giving away:
  1. The Hidden Cupcake Treasure Box: Featured on my birthday, October 7. The perfect way to give a small treat.
  2. Cheryl's Pillow Talk: Only, it's new and improved! This bright yellow and orange handmade pillow says, "Shine."
  3. Strengths Finder 2.0: This book was the impetus for a five-week series about what makes you shine. Didn't catch it on the first go around. Win it today.
  4. Lowe's Belt #1: Cheryl's Pamper Yourself tool belt. Perfect for the warm spring weather coming our way.
  5. Lowe's Belt #2: Claudia's (winning) Rise and Shine tool belt: Chock full of everything need need to get your day off to the right start.
  6. Lowe's Belt #3: Heather's Spread Shine tool belt. Fully equipped with all the essentials for sending cheerful hellos or participating in our weekly Yellow Envelope Project.
  7. Infamous Porcupine Cookie Cutter: House of Shine are stuck on this favorite cookie cutter. Perfect for letting your favorite student know he is "one sharp cookie" or for letting your sweet heart know your are "stuck" on him.
  8. Shine Ball: This favorite 20-minute craft was featured at our Second Annual Taste of USA. Win your very own, complete with a "shine" charm in the center.
  9. This Year I Will: Say it... "win the M.J. Ryan book." It isn't too late to get in on making your dreams happen in 2010. Win the book and follow along with House of Shine's on-going personal development activities.
  10. Shine T-Shirt: Step #1 to joining our Rayvolution is sporting your very own Shine t-shirt. Wear it to the gym, to the grocery store, or to your child's soccer game. Win this and help us spread the word.
  11. Cheryl's Handmade Treasure Boxes: Made with love, these boxes are perfect for packaging small trinket or treats.
  12. Box of Shine Package: Fill the mailbox of some you love with a box of shine. You tell us the name and address of your person of choice and we package up a box that is sure to make them smile.
  13. Ready to Read Bag: Featured during March Madness, this was voted as one of our favorite ideas. It's a canvas bag filled with books and a couple chatcka appropriate for the age range of your choice.
  14. Card of the Month Club: Hands down an all time favorite among the House of Shine staff and readers. Loyal reader, Peggy, has her very own card company. She will send you (or the person of your choice) a beautiful, handmade card once a month for an entire year. It's the gift that keeps on giving. You get a treat in your mailbox and then, in turn, pass it along to someone else. Check her out at prdesigns.blogspot.com
  15. 29 Gifts Book: Get a jump on the rest of our House of Shine Readers. This book will be the source of an upcoming blog activity. It's sure to be a favorite. Get your copy first... and free.
  16. Yellow Envelope Project Kit: Let us send you a box filled with all the supplies you need to participate in our weekly Yellow Envelope Project. Notecards, envelopes, stickers, stamps, fun pens... if you enjoy getting or receiving snail mail, this is sure to be a favorite.
  17. $20.00 Starbucks Gift Card: This coffee shop is a favorite among the House of Shine staff. Join us in getting a cup of inspiration.
  18. A Batch of the Infamous Cupbrowookies and Your Very Own BakerRay Apron: Too sweet to pass up.
For all the terms and conditions, check out today's post.

Thanks for the great website. Good luck to everyone who enters today.

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