Join Cologate's Healthy Habits for a Lifetime.

Sometimes it's hard to get kids to brush their teeth. They either don't like the taste, chew the toothbrush or just make a mess.

Cologate has a great program to give incentives to brush their teeth and create healthy habits.

Join the Healthy Habits for a Lifetime and your kids can earn a new toothbrush.

This wonderful program helps families create a productive nighttime ritual of washing hands, brushing teeth and reading a book.

Throughout the website there are stories, adventures and games that will make these healthy habits fun. Whether it's attacking the plaque monsters or creating your own storybook, kids will find the fun in their nighttime routine.

As the child logs their progress and completes his goals, he will be eligible for a new toothbrush.

Starting healthy habits at a young age will hopefully follow kids throughout their lifetime.

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