Entertain our troops by donating to AMVETS task force dvd

With yesterday being Veterans Day, we all appreciate the selfless sacrifices that our service men and women have given to our country. In Naperville, we have a wonderful visual in the Healing Fields on Rotary Hill.

After visiting the Healing Field yesterday, families may be looking for additional ways to support the service men and women who are serving their country. A wonderful program that is easy for children to understand their contribution to troops is AMVETS Task Force DVD.

AMVETS Task Force DVD is a program that sends DVDs to service men and women who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. Watching a movie is a welcome diversion for troops who may only get a break every few weeks.

In many locations, troops do not get the opportunity to participate in some activities, like baseball, softball, etc., because of threats of terrorist activity. The opportunity to watch DVDs is a safer activity for the troops on base.

Some facts about AMVETS Task Force DVD are:

  • DVDs will be available at all bases in Iraq and Afghanistan for the entertainments of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines.
  • Our goal is one million+ new and used DVDs donated by the American Public.
  • Most bases have a reinforced recreation room equipped with a Television and DVD player. Similar facilities exist on ships. Many Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines have portable DVD players.
  • The project is to ultimately have hundreds of titles in rotation at each base. This may be the only quality safe entertainment some will have on their tour of duty.
  • “Children Titles” donated will be distributed to Servicemen and Women’s families (Stateside) through the Family Readiness Group(s) of the National Guard.

To donate to AMVETS Task Force DVDs please send your new or gently used DVDs to:

1395 E. Dublin Granville Road #222
Columbus, OH 43229

Cash donations are also accepted. A donation of $5 will cover the cost to ship 35 DVDs to our troops.

Teaching children about service to our country is a valuable lesson. Building on the foundation of service, children can appreciate the charitable aspect of sharing one of his favorite movies with someone who is giving an ultimate sacrifice.

For more information on this program visit http://www.amvets.org/taskforcedvd.

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